UX/UI Research & Design

Financial budgeting app for frequent travelers.


Overseas is an app that will give frequent travelers a place to budget their cash purchases during their travels to help them keep track of how much they are spending. The app will allow users to convert their money into the foreign rate so that they can accurately budget themselves throughout their trip. Overseas is targeted towards user’s who are traveling in foreign countries and are unfamiliar with the country’s currency and exchange rate. User’s will be able to split their total spending money into categories or track their income if they are going to be in a foreign country for an extended amount of time.

The app is also intended to have an AR feature that recognizes receipts and allows user’s to choose the amount they want to deduct from their budget from the receipt. Concept can be demonstrated in  wireframes v.2 prototype.

Male and Female ages 18 – 45 who frequently travel on a limited income. 



In the beginning of this project I was planning for the app to handle both Credit Card and Cash purchases but as the project progressed I decided to focus on just cash purchases for this version.



User Testing I tested 3 times on UserTesting.com below, I will explain each test and how they impacted the final wireframes.

1. Testing Concept. For this initial testing I created rough wireframes and used them to test the concept of the app as well of the flow of the screens to see if user’s understood what the app was for and how to navigate it. 
Findings: I found that although the concept and flow was pretty straight forward, there was confusion about certain features that weren’t explained such as a camera feature, and there was also issues regarding the clarity of how a function was being presented.

2. Testing Camera Feature After receiving feedback from the first test, I decided to do further testing of the camera feature that I wanted to implement. The feature will allow users to : 1. Take a picture of the item that they purchased so that they can have a recored of there purchases. User’s could potentially share these images to social media if they like. 2. Identify a receipt so users can quickly and efficiently deduct the amount spent from a certain budget without having to type the amount in. The app would also keep a record of these receipts.
Findings: User’s found the camera feature useful, but found that they would have no reason to share these images on social media. When it comes to taking photos for social media, user’s wouldn’t think to do it on their budget app. I also found that there needed to be more labels within this feature so user’s can fully understand the advantage of using it.

3. A/B Testing One of the main pages of this app is a spare page. The  spare page will allow user’s to categorize the money that hasn’t been placed into a spending budget yet. For this page, I created two versions and did an A/B testing to see which one was most effective.
Findings:  User’s appreciated the version that had more details on it, it made the process clearer and simpler to use. Also, the current terminology was confusing and needed to be clarified.



UI – Mockups


The mockups demonstrate changes that were made in a final set of wireframes after further testing. I came up with the color palette by selecting colors from top destination spots around the world. I wanted to app to evoke feelings of adventure as well as familiarity.